Reports Say Another Security Attack Is Planned Against Sony

According to a report by CNET, Sony may have to brace itself for another hack this coming weekend. Yes, another one.

An observer of the IRC channel used by hackers says that the third major attack is planned for Sony’s website, as punishment for the way Sony has handled the PlayStation network breach. The company only alerted …

Want To Make An Easy $20K? Crack Google Chrome

For you really tech smart people out there, Google has issued a challenge for you. It’s quite simple: Hack Google Chrome Web browser successfully, and they’ll give you $20,000 cash and a Chrome CR-48.

You’ll have your work set out for you though. Last year, Google’s web browser was the only one left untouched at CanSecWest Pwn2Own …

Acai Berry Twitter Spam Hijacks Thousands Of Feeds

In a morning swimming in cyber attacks, Twitter is now fending off one of its own. A new acai berry Twitter scheme has compromised thousands of accounts, spamming followers with dangerous links.

Mashable reported that the spam was spreading at a pace of 10,000 tweets per minute early this morning, with tweets linking to an …

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