Now Nintendo Admits It Was Hacked, Says No Customer Data Stolen

As this week’s E3 games conference and debut of Nintendo’s Wii successor looms, Nintendo’s admitting that Sony’s not the only victim of hacktivist ne’er-do-wells—yep, Nintendo was hacked, too.

Nintendo acknowledged a security breach in a statement yesterday, explaining that its U.S. servers came under cyber-fire a few weeks ago, but …

Yahoo, Hotmail Also Targets of Gmail-Style Hack Attacks

It looks like Google Gmail wasn’t the only online service pummeled in recent hack attacks: It turns out Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail were, too.

That, and while the targeted attacks—technically dubbed “spear phishing” attempts—were carried out independently, the methods were eerily similar to those employed against Google, says security

China Denies Gmail Hack, Claims It’s a ‘Victim’ Too

China’s response to Google’s accusation that Chinese hackers broke into Gmail, the company’s free online email service, and absconded with the login details of hundreds of senior U.S. and Asian government officials, military personnel, journalists and Chinese political activists?

We didn’t do it, and your “unacceptable” attempt to …

Sony Admits Canadian Site Hacked, Thousands of Records Stolen

Down, down, to offline town: Sony says it’s shuttered online services in Canada, Indonesia, and Thailand this morning after detecting a ne’er-do-well on the (virtual) premises. This, after a 26-day PlayStation Network outage, followed by a veritable spree of copycat hacks.

Poor Sony, the world’s biggest cyber-pincushion. Every time I …

Leaked: Sony Letter to Publishers About PSN Outage

“Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” That’s the gist of a new, reportedly leaked letter from Sony to its publishing partners about the PlayStation Network outage, handed off by an anonymous source to Industry Gamers. If legit, it suggests Sony’s vague public tale of when and how the outage occurred doesn’t gain any insightful …

Anonymous to Sony: We Don’t Condone Credit Card Theft

Yesterday Sony told a U.S. House of Representatives Committee that the culprits behind the PlayStation Network outages were none other than hacker collective Anonymous, the group responsible for the takedowns of websites like Visa.com and Westboro Baptist Church late last year. But the puzzling saga took another sharp turn this morning …

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