Drive Your Comfy Chair with Kinect Hack

Right, you’re saying, because tooling around in a plush La-Z-Boy has so many practical uses, but extrapolate from this Kinect hack and you might imagine all sorts of serious medical applications–say motion-controlled stairlifts, or wheelchairs that respond to twists of your head. Also, less serious ones, say trips to the fridge for a …

Hackers Scam Microsoft in Xbox 360 Points Swindle

Hackers briefly punctured the Xbox 360’s veil of security yesterday, finagling an algorithm that generates virtual currency used to purchase items through Microsoft’s online games store. The exploit reportedly allowed users to reuse special access codes and rack up counterfeit Microsoft Points, redeemable for downloadable content.

The …

NY Senator: HTTP ‘a Welcome Mat for Would-Be Hackers’

Identity theft and security breaches are a top concern for New York Senator Charles Schumer, who appealed to major online companies like Amazon and Twitter to switch to a more secure protocol. The Democrat, speaking at a news conference in a New York City coffee shop, said that unsecured Wi-Fi access aids hackers in getting other …

London Stock Exchange May Have Been Hacked Last Year

Computerworld is reporting that the London Stock Exchange may have been hacked in August of last year as it prepared to switch its systems from Microsoft’s .Net platform to a Linux-based platform. It’s once again preparing to attempt the same switchover this month.

According to the article:

“There were major problems on the exchange

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