PlayStation Store to Come Back Online This Week

PS3 owners have been enjoying online play again for the last sixteen days after the weeks-long shutdown necessary to overhaul the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. But a crucial part of the online offering’s been missing, as Sony’s kept the PlayStation Store offline to further bolster security in the e-commerce portion of …

Finally, Part 2: Japan Getting PlayStation Network Back Tomorrow

It’s been a tense, nerve-racking week in the United States and the other countries who got the PlayStation Network restored after Sony’s online service was shut down by hackers. Like anyone burned by a bad break-up, PS3 owners were tentative: “Will it stay up? Will it leave us again? How can we be sure?”

Heck, some enterprising folks …

Pwn2Own Roundup: Apple Fails, Google Stays Strong

The hackers at last week’s Pwn2Own contest had a field day with some of the world’s most popular browsers, but they didn’t make a clean sweep.

Pwn2Own pits security experts against web browsers on laptops and smartphones. At stake are cash prizes of $15,000 per exploit, along with the actual hardware on which the browsers were hacked. …

Sony Can Collect IP Addresses of PS3 Hacker’s Site Visitors

I’m no lawyer, but this seems a bit frightening. As the story goes, a well-known hacker named George Hotz—also known as GeoHot—figured out how to “jailbreak” Sony’s PlayStation 3 video game console. The trick essentially lets PS3 owners load alternative operating systems or run games that haven’t been sanctioned by Sony on their …

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