London Stock Exchange May Have Been Hacked Last Year

Computerworld is reporting that the London Stock Exchange may have been hacked in August of last year as it prepared to switch its systems from Microsoft’s .Net platform to a Linux-based platform. It’s once again preparing to attempt the same switchover this month.

According to the article:

“There were major problems on the exchange

Latest PS3 Firmware Update Blocks “Call of Duty” Hackers

If you downloaded the new PS3 firmware 3.56 update and you happened to, um, tweak the Call of Duty: Black Ops game to boost your stats, you might have found yourself among the angry people who had their account blocked.

It seems to be part of Sony’s promise to crack down on piracy; last weeks Xbox 360 firmware 3.56 update blocked …

Acai Berry Twitter Spam Hijacks Thousands Of Feeds

In a morning swimming in cyber attacks, Twitter is now fending off one of its own. A new acai berry Twitter scheme has compromised thousands of accounts, spamming followers with dangerous links.

Mashable reported that the spam was spreading at a pace of 10,000 tweets per minute early this morning, with tweets linking to an …

Operation Payback: Who Are the WikiLeaks ‘Hactivists’?

A hacking group simply identifying itself as “Anonymous” has taken credit for a recent string of high-profile cyber attacks against the websites of businesses, banks and politicians that have either spoken out against or stopped doing business with whistleblowing site, WikiLeaks.

Since Monday of this week, targets have included Swiss …

Hackers Target MasterCard for Blocking WikiLeaks Payments

A group of hackers simply going by the name “Anonymous” is targeting companies that have blocked whistleblowing site WikiLeaks from using their services.

The latest target is MasterCard, whose site mastercard.com has currently been knocked offline thanks to a series of DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks against it. On a very …

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