Sony Can Collect IP Addresses of PS3 Hacker’s Site Visitors

I’m no lawyer, but this seems a bit frightening. As the story goes, a well-known hacker named George Hotz—also known as GeoHot—figured out how to “jailbreak” Sony’s PlayStation 3 video game console. The trick essentially lets PS3 owners load alternative operating systems or run games that haven’t been sanctioned by Sony on their …

The Trojans Are Coming… for Apple

In order to lure away wide-eyed PC users, one of Apple’s more popular breadcrumbs has been Mac OS X’s ability to resist pesky malware, or so Justin Long’s boyish gaze would have you believe. But as aluminum-clad unibodies become more common than not, how will Apple respond when the viruses inevitably come?

(More on TIME.com: Want

Operation Payback: Who Are the WikiLeaks ‘Hactivists’?

A hacking group simply identifying itself as “Anonymous” has taken credit for a recent string of high-profile cyber attacks against the websites of businesses, banks and politicians that have either spoken out against or stopped doing business with whistleblowing site, WikiLeaks.

Since Monday of this week, targets have included Swiss …

Most Memorable Hacking Moments

In light of “Operation: Payback” and the group’s decision to start hacking the sites of those who have stopped Wikileaks payments (like MasterCard, PayPal and more), Techland has decided to reflect on other significant moments of recent hacking history.

Whether it was finding that your Twitter didn’t link to that thing you thought or …

Twitter Has Been Hacked

You might want to stay off of Twitter.com for a while until this all gets sorted out, but apparently plenty of people (myself included) are finding that simply hovering the mouse cursor over links on Twitter’s site is causing random spam-like popups, retweets, and other bad stuff to happen.

According to Sophos.com:

“The Twitter

How to Stuff a Verizon 3G Connection into an iPad

Take the phone off the hook, send the kids to Grandma’s, and light some aromatherapy candles as you prepare to hunker down for a weekend of iPad modding. If you want to stuff a Verizon 3G connection into your iPad, that is.

Assuming you have the chops to crack open your iPad, remove AT&T’s 3G module, and solder the innards of a …

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