Why Hulu’s Not for Sale Anymore

To everyone who entered a bid to try and buy Hulu: Apparently, you didn’t offer enough. According to a statement released yesterday by Hulu joint owners the Walt Disney Corporation, News Corporation and Providence Equity Partners (as well as senior Hulu management), the owners have “terminated the sale process” for the company, due to …

Who Needs Hulu? NBC Adds Free TV Shows to Its iPad App

NBC’s iPad app just got a lot more useful with full episodes of popular shows like Community and Parks and Recreation. Both the app and the TV episodes are now free.

The selection of full episodes in NBC’s app isn’t too shabby. For primetime, scripted TV shows, the five most recent episodes are available. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Who’s Offering Money to Buy Hulu?

After months of speculation, it’s time for the sale of streaming video site Hulu to turn into a bidding war. Six companies have submitted informal bids for the site this week, according to those in the know, including three big names eager to own what could be turned into a Netflix streaming video killer.

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