Fox Paywall Coming to Online TV Shows

If you want to watch Fox shows online sooner than eight days after they air on television, be prepared to pay up.

Effective August 15, Fox will require a pay TV subscription to watch shows like Family Guy and Glee on Hulu or Fox’s own website within a week of the shows’ original air dates. For now, only Hulu Plus and Dish Network …

DVD Sales Plunge in U.S., Digital Sales On the Rise

Down, down, to obsolescence town–that might just be the broad-view takeaway from Los Angeles-based Digital Entertainment Group’s recent sales report (via Financial Times), which suggests new DVD sales in the U.S. plunged 20% over the past 12 months.

It wasn’t just customers fleeing a sinking ship: DEG notes the drop was in part due …

YouTube Drops $100 Million to Add Original Content

YouTube is this generation’s boob tube. With some upcoming changes planned, it may soon become downright indistinguishable. The site is planning to revamp itself, putting the spotlight on topic channels and original content on its homepage.

The Wall Street Journal says that a good portion of these channels will showcase several …

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