Amazon’s Netflix-Style Video Service Free for ‘Prime’ Members

If you do a lot of shopping on, you’ve no doubt come across the site’s $79 per year “Prime” membership option.

The basic idea is that for $79, you get free two-day shipping on just about everything sold directly by Amazon—not its third-party sellers, mind you—or $4-per-item overnight shipping.

The company has now …

Hulu Takes Over Streaming Criterion Collection from Netflix

In a major play to unseat the powerhouse Netflix from the legal streaming movie market, Hulu has gained the rights to stream the Criterion Collection films.

Criterion Collection announced on Tuesday that they will cease to be a partner with Netflix’s instant streaming feature, instead starting a partnership with their competitor Hulu …

Will Hulu Become An Online Cable Provider?

Just because Hulu may be a leader in the field of Internet TV doesn’t mean that it’s resting on its laurels – or that it won’t be torn apart by internal disagreements. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Hulu is undergoing a number of behind-the-scenes arguments that could result in massive changes in direction for the company in …

Why Are People Abandoning Cable TV?

Is the internet finally following through on its threat to kill television? New reports are showing that viewers are dropping their cable subscriptions and, more interestingly, not replacing them with another cable or phone subscription. Numbers for the third quarter of 2010 show that Time Warner Cable lost 155,000 subscribers, more than …

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