Apple Spoofs ‘Ghostbusters’ in Cheesy Internal Ad from 1984

If Bill Murray doesn’t want to make another Ghostbusters movie, maybe Hollywood can get Steve Wozniak to play Peter Venkman. The Apple co-founder can be seen in this video labeled “Blue Busters,” a reference to Apple’s then rival IBM.

Displayed at the company’s 1984 International Sales Meeting, it shows Apple employees in full …

Meet Virginia ‘Ginni’ Rometty, IBM’s Newest CEO

It’s taken 100 years, but IBM has appointed its first female CEO. Virginia “Ginni” Rometty will officially take the reigns on January 1, 2012, replacing Sam Palmisano, who’s been at the helm since 2002. At age 60, Palmisano is stepping down but will remain chairman of IBM’s board of directors.

Rometty, 54, joined IBM in 1981 as a …

IBM Simulates Part of a Human Brain, All of a Cat’s

Cat lovers allergic to cats (but not robo-kitties), your day of bliss may be closer: IBM’s put together all the supercomputing parts and pieces to replicate the number of neural synapses inside a feline noggin. That, in short, means they’ve managed to simulate the essential pieces of Fluffy’s brain.

And not just a cat’s brain, but …

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