Steve Jobs: The iPad Almost Had Intel Inside

When Apple switched to Intel chips back in 2006, reality almost imploded, and when Steve Jobs launched the iPad without an Intel microprocessor, you could almost feel the ripples through the time-space continuum. What you probably didn’t know, is that the iPad almost had an Intel chip under the hood.

And here’s the kicker: The guy …

Intel Bets Big on Small with Google Mobile Partnership

Intel is betting big on small, announcing a deal with Google to get future Android-based devices running on Intel chips, along with a plan (not involving Google) for much more efficient power management features for thin-and-light ultrabooks that’ll be hitting the market soon.

The company has been chasing after the mobile segment for …

WATCH: AMD Breaks 8GHz World Record with Daring CPU Overclock

Today’s Intel Developer Forum fastest processor in the world gold star goes to Int—I mean, AMD?

That’s right, AMD, Intel’s least-favorite chip-making rival, who apparently managed to jam prototype processing tech, incantations from a book of magic, a sacrificial dove and a bag of gilded runestones into a box to coax an AMD FX …

Windows-Based MacBook Air Competitors May Be Pricier than Anticipated

The promise of Windows-based “ultrabooks” is an intriguing one. They’re coming later this year and they’ll sport super-thin, super-light designs similar to those found in Apple’s MacBook Air line of notebooks.

As Windows machines, there may have been an expectation that they’d cost less than similarly-outfitted MacBook Air models. …

Rumor: Apple Plans Processor Switch for Laptops

The Apple rumor du jour is a juicy one: the company might switch computer processor architectures again, ditching Intel in favour of ARM.

Apple already uses ARM-designed chips inside its mobile devices. The question is, will Apple start putting ARMs inside its computers too?

According to semiconductor gossip site (yes, there is …

Intel Trades Over 50 Years of Chip Design for ‘3D’ Processors

From Avatar‘s tawny-eyed, blue-skinned aliens to high-def Blu-ray movies to Nintendo’s totable 3DS, everyone’s hip to 3D, and the latest company to hop onboard looks to be–wait a second, Intel?

Yep, Intel, as in Intel 3D microprocessors. No, you won’t need dorky glasses to run your next computer, but using sophisticated 3D …

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