Google Brings The Web To TV With Google TV

The Internet is coming to a TV near you.

Google unveiled a new platform today called Google TV at their developer conference in San Francisco that it says “will change the future of television.” Google’s move into the living room should come as no surprise given the amount of time we all spend consuming video through our …

Google To Debut Smart TV Tomorrow?

The LA Times is reporting that Google will unveil their Internet TV tomorrow at the I/O conference in San Francisco. It’s unclear what the service will entail but Sony, Intel and Logitech are expected to join Google on stage to announce Smart TV.

Like any Google product, Smart TV is probably half cooked and Google will release dev …

Intel to Allow New Dual Core Atom CPUs in Larger Netbooks

Silly though that headline may sound, manufacturers who wish to sell netbooks with screens larger than 10 inches have had to swap out the made-for-netbooks Atom N-series processors with either Z-series chips, made for mobile internet devices and smaller tablets, or even cram a D-series desktop Atom processor into a netbook, as ASUS has …

AMD Bumps Notebook Battery to 8 Hours, Updates Desktop CPUs

AMD is finding its way further into the ultrathin, long battery life notebook arena with its recently announced 2010 “Vision” series CPUs. The line be available “in sleek and affordable notebooks that can deliver up to eight hours of battery life” while scoring “50% better than a comparable Intel-based system with Nvidia …

New Intel Atom Z600 CPUs Coming to Tablets and Phones

Intel’s Atom CPUs have been all over the netbook space but the processor manufacturer wants in on the lucrative smartphone and tablet arenas as well. With the introduction of the Z600 series of Atom CPUs, Intel is promising processor speeds up to 1.9GHz for tablets and 1.5GHz for smartphones while maintaining long battery life and the …

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