Disney-ABC Expands Streaming Deals with Amazon, Netflix

Now you’ll never have to miss an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, wherever you are and whatever device you’re using, as Disney and ABC not only extended their existing deal with Netflix, but also expanded their agreement with Amazon, meaning that Kindle Fire users have even more shows to stream on their new devices.

The expansion of the …

Geeky Halloween Costume: Two iPads Equal One Hole in the Gut

People spend crazy money on last-minute Halloween costumes and, if you sound like someone who has crazy money and needs a last-minute Halloween costume, why not rock a hole in the gut using two iPads?

Unlike other insanely expensive last-minute Halloween costumes, you’ll actually get a whole lot of use out of this one long after the …

Pros and Cons of the Internet (as Taught to Students in 1996)

Last weekend, I was at my parents’ house in Connecticut for a family matter. As my sister went through some of the things in her childhood bedroom, she discovered a document from 1996, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. This was apparently part of some high school handout packet; also included among the papers …

Why Isn’t Coldplay’s New Album on Spotify?

Spotify users who are also fans of Coldplay may have found themselves wondering something over the last few days, and it’s not “Why does Chris Martin always sound so sad and tired?” Instead, they’re probably asking themselves when “Mylo Xyloto,” the Coldplay album released earlier this week is going to show up on the streaming music …

‘What’s Hot’? Google+ Adds ‘Ripples’ Feature and More

It’s taken a few months, but Google+ is finally rolling out its version of Twitter’s “trending topics” feature, with the somewhat unimaginative title of “What’s Hot.” But the truly interesting new feature introduced is Ripples, which visualizes how things get shared across the burgeoning network.

Both features were introduced via the

Netflix Was Right, and We’re Being Fickle

No doubt many see this Netflix debacle, in which the company admits it just lost 800,000 subscribers in its fiscal third quarter, as vindication. They balked when the company hiked its price a few bucks a month, and they absolutely howled when Netflix tried to separate DVD rentals and online streaming into two discrete services. The …

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