Why Aren’t Women Tweeting About Occupy Wall Street?

Twitter is still the social media outlet of choice for Occupy Wall Street, but new analysis into the #OWS tweets has found a surprising gender imbalance in those who’re talking about the protests: Fewer women seem to be doing so, despite Twitter being a female-dominated service overall.

According to analysis by Attention released …

Diabetic? Cloud-Connected Ford Could Someday Save Your Life

Ford’s Microsoft-powered Sync system offers voice-activated control of music and navigation services, but the technology will be expanding to include health and wellness services in the not-too-distant future. On a rainy October day outside MIT’s Media Lab, I hopped in a cloud-connected Ford Explorer for a demonstration by Ford’s … Explains Why It’s Suing Facebook over ‘Timeline’

The problem with suing a company like Facebook is that sometimes people don’t travel much beyond hearing the words “suing a company like Facebook” before getting defensive about their chosen social network. No wonder, then, that is taking to the Internet to explain why it’s trying to defend itself from being crushed by the …

Does Facebook Make Your Brain Bigger?

How social you are on social networks may depend on the size of your brain, according to new research. Or, at least, the size of your superior temporal sulcus, middle temporal gyrus, entorhinal cortex and amygdalae.

The research, from University College in London, discovered that those who are more social in general tend to have …

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