It’s Google Doodle Time: Our Geeky Favorites

I just can’t get enough of these.

Google’s annual Doodle 4 Google contest is upon us, with this year’s them set as “If I could do anything I would…” and we were happy to see so many aspiring nerds among us. (Chemists! Comic artists! Time travelers!) Google received more than 33,000 entries from students in grades K-12 from 20,000 …

Poll: Would You Dump Gmail For The New Hotmail?

Today, Microsoft unveiled its big Hotmail upgrade, followed by a resounding, “About time.” Among its new features, the revamped Hotmail will use cloud-based data storage, enable you to edit Microsoft docs directly within the email and will filter messages into four different “buckets:” mail from your contacts, mail from social networks, …

Lala Shuttering May 31, So What?

Word came down from the hilltop last week that would be closing up shop at the end of this month. The whole of the Internet and its gaggle of pundits were quick to jump on the ‘ is coming!’ bandwagon. I, for one, thought the same thing. Why else would Apple have purchased lala in the first place? But now I’m not …

Bare Your Bar: The Bookmark Challenge

I think it was John Wayne who once remarked, ‘you never really know a man till you’ve seen his bar.’ Or maybe that was just me talking in a John Wayne voice. If so it was a pretty good John Wayne voice.

My point is, your bookmark bar boils crap down to the bare essentials. To the extent that you are what you surf, the bar is who you …

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