WikiLeaks Domain Name Killed (and Why It Won’t Kill WikiLeaks)

At around 10PM EST last night, WikiLeaks was no longer accessible at the web address. That’s the end of that, right?


The site is still accessible through several alternate domain names (,,, to name a few), all of which point to its machine-readable IP address: …

Will Influx of Netflix Instant Streaming Break The Internet?

The addition of Netflix’s streaming only plan has had many people excited. With a good portion of their movie and TV catalogue online, paying $7.99 for immediate unlimited legal, crystal clear video is barely nothing compared to cable plans and buying a television. The anticipated increase of Netflix online subscribers has some people …

FTC’s ‘Do Not Track’ Is More ‘Please Don’t Track’

Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission backed an Internet consumer protection plan that would let browsers chose whether or not they’ll allow their Web activity to be monitored. Claiming that large Internet companies haven’t done enough to protect the privacy of their users, the FTC has asked for a “Do Not Track” option be made …

AOL’s Project Phoenix: E-mail Is Innovative Again

AOL wants to remind you that it pioneered e-mail – and it wants you to know it’s going to do it all over again. 

Yesterday, the company previewed the new AOL Mail, code-named Project Phoenix, an influential shift in the new direction of the once-reigning “king of the inbox” – and we got a special sneak preview last week. The

Conan Stands By His Web Audience With Online Streaming

Without his myriad of Web followers, there might not be another Conan show on air.

As word of Conan’s expulsion from his short-term gig as host of NBC’s The Tonight Show hit the Internet, fans held vigil via social media as Team Coco marched to the metaphorical courthouse steps of NBC by way of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. The …

Happy Holidays: Google to Offer Free In Flight Wi-Fi

If you’re flying home for the holidays you might be able to plug into the Internet for free courtesy of Google.

Google Chrome announced that they have partnered with Virgin America, Delta and Air Trans to offer Gogo Wi-Fi gratis on all domestic flights from November 20 to January 2, according to Forbes. The service will only be free …

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