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Let There Be Plasma Cutters: Dead Space for iOS Review

Dead Space for iOS
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: IronMonkey Studios
Systems it’s available on: iPhone, iPad
System reviewed on: iPhone 3GS

Whoever is out there saying that iPhone and iPad games will never be as good needs to download Dead Space for iOS. Not only does it show off the graphics, sound and touch screen …

Gaming Tip Sheet: “Infinity Blade”

Just in time for Christmas, when you’re going to be stuck in that car for the long car ride to your grandma’s house, we’re bringing you some tips to make playing Infinity Blade on your iPod a little easier.

Combo King

You can also mix any of these moves starting with Right/Down/Up and changing the relative direction in the pattern …

“Rock Band Reloaded” Creators On Making Mobile Music

How do you take a highly successful multiplayer video game and turn it into a mobile game? The folks at Harmonix figured it out. Rock Band, which has sold over 4 million copies and made upwards of $600 million in revenue, has turned it into one of the top rated and downloaded games in the App Store. Now they’re trying to do it again with …