7 Must Have iPad Accessories

Let the flood of iPad accessories begin! In the little research I’ve done for this list, I noticed that the majority of accessories weren’t built specifically for the iPad. The majority are ones for netbooks. It’s a scam, people! There really aren’t very many must-haves for the oversized iPhone. However, I found the following …

Apple iPad: Eight Hours Later

I’ve had about eight hours to play around with the iPad. Not much has changed since January when I first handled the iPad. But here are a few thoughts (including answers to questions from Twitter):

• You definitely have to handle one before passing judgment. If you haven’t then you should really keep your trap shut until you do. It’s …

The Daily Dose

Friday, April 2, 2010

Today in Techland: We’ve got iPad fever like everyone else – will you be lining up for hours? – but we took some time out of the tech haze to bring you our take on Clash of the Titans (hint: Bor-ing) and the next round of our Monster Madness bracket chosen by a very special guest: the guys from Penny …

12 Must Have iPad Games at Launch

Video games for the iPad will quickly climb the charts and become the best selling paid apps when it launches tomorrow. Here are 10 must have titles to tide you over until they release the kraken.

Guess what? Our gallery is busted and likes to strip out code. So here’s the full list of games with links to iTunes.

Plants vs. Zombies

iPad Content Roundup pt. 2

Let me apologize in advance for our moderately heavy iPad coverage, but this is what’s popular and actually worth talking about in tech right now.

Apple’s iPad goes on sale this Saturday and details on which apps will be in the App Store at launch are starting to trickle in.

(More on Techland: Hands-on With the Apple iPad

iPad Review Roundup

Like clockwork, the iPad reviews are starting to pour in and the general consensus is positive. Before we get to them, I’ve listed a few notable tidbits from each review.

• Looks as though Apple plans to have at least 1,000 iPad apps at launch
• 60,000 iBooks at launch
• Marvel Comics app “closely replicates printed comics.”
• Some …

Best Buy Selling The iPad, Too

MacRumors.com is reporting that Best Buy will be the only other retailer to sell Apple’s iPad on launch day, April 3rd.

Some details, for your infotainment:

1. It will only be sold at Best Buy locations that have special “store-within-a-store” Apple sections. So if your local Best Buy has a section that’s blindingly white …

A Roundup of iPad Content Pricing

The launch of Apple’s iPad is upon us and over the last few weeks we’ve seen more and more “details” pop up over the hyped tablet. Here’s a quick rundown of what you may or may not have missed.

Pricing: Apple is pricing iBooks to match Amazon’s Kindle pricing. 27 out of the 32 eBooks from the NYT Bestsellers section …

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