iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Reviews: No Disappointments

The wait for Apple’s iPhone 4S is almost over—it launches on Friday—but already a select batch of reviewers have laid hands on Apple’s latest handset. No surprises here: They dig it. Here’s a roundup of the first iPhone 4S reviews.


As you’ve probably heard, the iPhone 4S looks exactly like its predecessor, with two glass …

At Least One Million People Want Apple’s iPhone 4S

You want an iPhone 4S, you really, really want one!—that’s the narrative emerging after reports a record one million people preordered Apple’s upcoming four-and-a-half-gen iPhone in just 24 hours. The prior record-holder, the iPhone 4, managed an impressive 600,000 day-one preorders back in June 2010.

iPhone 4S preorders went live …

Apple to Sell Unlocked iPhone 4S in November, but No CDMA

Good news for world travelers and the commitment phobic: Apple will sell the iPhone 4S unlocked in November. The bad news is that the unlocked iPhone won’t work on CDMA networks, which means Verizon and Sprint users are out of luck.

The unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S costs $649 for a 16 GB model, $749 for 32 GB and $849 for 64 GB. …

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Are Now Available Online

Before Steve Jobs passed away, he lived to see the fifth incarnation of the iPhone unveiled. While Jobs may never see the legacy of the iPhone 4S and future versions play out, the iPhone 4S is now available for pre-order.

The device won’t actually ship out or go on sale in retail stores until a week from now on October 14. As we’ve

Will the iPhone 4S Replace Your Standalone Camera?

When I travel, I take at least two cameras, both a high-end digital SLR model, and the one in my phone—the latter mostly because I need my phone and can’t claw its comparably poor aperture from the frame. In a tight, impromptu spot, I’ll use the camera-phone, but if I want pictures I plan to keep, it’s the SLR camera, all the …

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