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Nightmare Over: You Can Now Mow Your Lawn from an iPhone

We’ve all been there. Does this sound familiar to you?

You’re at work and you realize you forgot to mow your lawn. You rush home in a panic. You miss several important meetings—or meetings that your company considers important, yet you’ve calculated how much it’d cost to build a lifelike dummy of yourself that lives in the …

Tweetbot iPhone App Makes Twitter Look Foolish

In Twitter’s perfect world, Tweetbot wouldn’t exist.

Like Tweetdeck, Twitterific and Echofon, Tweetbot is a third-party Twitter client, giving iPhone users access to their tweets, replies, retweets and direct messages. For $2, it also happens to be really good.

Tweetbot excels at the little things, like the ability to tap a tweet …

Location Based Music is Finally Here

Get ready to experience the National Mall like you’ve never heard it before. Bluebrain, two experimental musicians based out of D.C., have created a location based album that actually syncs with the sights at the famous D.C. landmark.

How does “The National Mall” album work? The two brothers behind Bluebrain created an app that uses …

Rejected iPhone Radiation App Gets Released Anyways

If radiation gives you the heebie jeebies, it’s a bit too late to panic, because all cell phones emit radiation. You still might want to pay your respects to tawkon, though, a company that recently developed an iPhone app to measure the radiation coming through when you’re yapping away.

Unfortunately, it’s not where you’d …

Google Mobile for iPhone Gets Revamped as Google Search

Say goodbye to Google Mobile, and say hello to Google Search. Google’s revamped its app, giving it a whole new look and feel. It just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t change the name too.

The revamped iPhone app is a nice update, making ithe previous version seem clunky and old. Along with voice search, the search feature …

Earthquake Preparedness Apps to Help You In Case of an Emergency

While you can’t prevent natural disasters like earthquakes, you can prepare for them so you know what to do when one hits.

Your phone can become a tool to help you survive a dangerous situation. Here are some suggestions of which apps to download so you can be prepared when disaster strikes. While it’s still scary to be put in that …

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