Apple iPhone 4 Review: No, You Can’t Touch It

“What’s so great about this one?” “Should I get it?”

These are the most popular questions asked when people see that I am in possession of the latest iPhone. They then ask whether or not I’m having reception issues. No, I’m not having any reception issues and I like it very much. Whether or not you should get one is a …

Kindle Apps For Apple Products Get New Functionality

Kindle users on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are getting an update today that adds the ability to view embedded video and listen to audio clips in Kindle books. I guess that’s cool. Rick Steves’ Rick Steves’ London and Terry Golway’s Together W Cannot Fail are the first in the Kindle Store with said features. A gaggle …

File Under Duh: Apple’s iPhone 4 Sells Like Hotcakes

In only three days, Apple has managed to do something that others have only dreamt of doing – they sold 1.7 million units of their new iPhone.

“This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Even so, we apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not …

First Impressions of the iPhone 4, Part II

We’ll have a more in-depth review of Apple’s iPhone 4 soon but we’ve spent enough time today and in the past to touch on a couple very important details. At first glance, the screen and industrial design make the iPhone 4 stand out from previous generations. Looks aren’t everything or maybe they are.

(More on Techland:

DC Comics Goes Digital

Seemingly out of nowhere, DC Comics has just released an iPhone/iPad app that finally puts them into the digital space alongside rival Marvel Comics. It seems a slew of imprints both old and new under the DC brand are available as in-app purchases with pricing ranging from $0.99 to $2.99. It looks pretty darn good and even includes issue …

iPhone 4 Review Roundup

Reviews for Apple’s newest moneymaker are starting to trickle in. We’ll have our own review in due time but here’s a look at some early iPhone 4 critiques while you wait.

New York Times:

“Now, the iPhone is no longer the undisputed king of app phones. In particular, the technically inclined may find greater flexibility and choice

What You Need To Know About iPhone Availability at AT&T

So, you ordered an iPhone 4 from AT&T, huh? According to AT&T, sales were unprecedented with pre-orders on June 15 being 10 times higher than they were for the iPhone 3GS a year prior.

AT&T will fulfill all preorders on the iPhone 4 for those that preordered on June 15. If you didn’t then you’re going to have to wait until …

Swype Said To Be Working on iPhone and iPad Software

Swype is a pretty compelling new input method for touch-screen devices. Most of us have seen Samsung’s world record breaking fastest text messaging commercial, which seemed a bit gimmicky until I actually tried it out on a device.

In an article this morning in the NYT, Jenna Wortham reports that Swype is “tinkering” with …

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