iPad’s Gaming Prospects: EA and Gameloft React

Two game developers shared the stage with Steve Jobs during today’s iPad announcement. Afterward, Techland chatted with both to get their views on the new device. Here’s a mash-up of the two interviews:

Do you have a specific number of iPad games you’re aiming to have available the day it goes on sale?

Travis Boatman (VP …

Five iPad Games That Need To Be Made ASAP

Playing up-rezzed iPhone games on the iPad will keep us satisfied for only so long. iPad-only titles, optimized for the device, are what everyone really wants. Here’s a short list of the hypothetical games I’d really like to see. I don’t know if any of these are in development, but if they’re not, my question to the respective …

In Which We Ask ngmoco’s Neil Young About The Apple Tablet

We’re less than 24 hours away from Apple’s event tomorrow, which we’ll be live blogging, and thought it appropriate to have a quick chat with ngmoco’s CEO Neil Young to see what the iPhone game developer thinks about the whole circus.

Techland: What do the folks at ngmoco think Apple will announce?

Neil Young: I think …

Webapp Brings Google Voice to iPhone & Palm Pre

Apple couldn’t thwart Google’s presence on the iPhone forever.

The makers of Mac threw out the proposed Google Voice app for the iPhone a year ago, but apparently forgot to lock the backdoor as the new HTML 5 spec allows iPhoners use of Google Voice through mobile site google.com/voice/m.

The webapp works for any HTML5-supporting …

App Club: How’s Your DexIQ?

Since Lev is out for the next two weeks on book leave, I’ve taken it upon myself to keep App Club going. Is that okay with everyone?

This week’s installment comes from the twisted mind of American McGee, you know, the guy behind American McGee’s Alice and its upcoming sequel among many others. Anyway, McGee’s Spicy Horse has spawned a …

Square: Your iPhone Now Takes Credit Cards

Internet darling Kevin Rose and Twitter co-founder/CEO/Chairman Jack Dorsey (among many others) have been toiling away at Square – an iPhone credit card payment app coupled with a peripheral. The self-contained system e-mails receipts, donates a penny from every transaction to your charity of choice and unclutters your wallet of customer …

TV Goes Mobile Thanks To FLO/mophie

More from CES: FLO TV and mophie are teaming up to bring live TV to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The service will be available via a mophie intelligent case named the juice pack TV that fits around the iPhone or iPod Touch, turning it into the TV that lives in your jacket pocket. The pack has a built-in external battery that provides an …

What OS Will Apple’s Tablet Run? iTunes, Anyone?

So I’m in Seattle last week and I’m having a few drinks with an old co-worker from TechCrunch, Devin Coldewey, and we’re casually chit chatting about gadgets and tech. The conversation goes from 3D filmmaking since we’re talking about how cool Avatar is and then the subject of Apple’s tablet comes up. I steer the conversation …

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