Cignias (who?) Launches NAO Music Docking Stations

I’ve never heard of Cignias, but the Toronto-based company will be formally announcing two “advanced wireless music stations” tomorrow morning. I’ll be telling you about them just because I can.

The NAO Symphony and Symphony Noir look like your run of the mill all-in-one iPod docking stations, but these ones allow you to …

Worm Attacking Jailbroken iPhones

Long story short, jailbroken iPhones are being attacked by a phishing-like worm in the Netherlands. Customers of ING who are attempting to log into their accounts via Safari are being rerouted to an address in Lithuania that displays a fake login screen.

But let us reiterate the fact that this only affects jailbroken iPhones. If you …

Rumor: iPhone To Make Verizon Debut In June 2010

By now it’s pretty obvious that AT&T’s exclusivity on the iPhone will end in 2010, but it’s relatively unclear if Verizon will actually get the iPhone as rumored. Well, we’re here to tell you that folks close to the inner workings of the deal have told us that the iPhone will, in fact, be coming to Verizon in June of 2010. Things …

App Club: The Tiny Perfection That Is Canabalt

I could play Canabalt forever. Or I could if I didn’t suck at it.

Canabalt is a good example of why I’m loving the iPhone gaming renaissance so much. The iPhone has severely constrained resources, but game developers thrive on restraint. It’s good for themn. Look at Defender. What was that, like 20K? But it’s a tiny, complete, living …

X-Rated iPhone Apps?

One interesting thing Apple showed off at the Developers’ Conference today was parental controls. With the 3.0 version of iPhone’s OS, which will be disseminated next week, you’ll be able to set your iPhone so that your kid can’t download age-inappropriate content to it.

While I have always found the concept of parental controls …

Two New iPods: A Few Tasting Notes

Tasting notes are what they give you while you’re drinking fancy wines and acting like you can tell them apart. I actually do this quite a bit, because I enjoy it and because I like pretending I’m the fat guy in Sideways.

I’m currently in possession of the two new iPods, the new Nano and the new Touch. Here are a few tasting notes. …

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