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Spy Photo Shows Camera on Next-Gen iPod Nano

Longtime fans of Apple’s iPod nano lamented a major change in its radical sixth-generation redesign: the absence of a video camera like the one present on the previous-generation model. Apple may be prepared to change that if a Taiwanese Apple blog is correct.

The current sixth-generation iPod nano was introduced last September. It …

The Nano Has Some Pint-Sized Competition in the ZEN M300

I know what you’re thinking: Why would anyone in this day and age need another MP3 player?

Well, maybe you’re a well-muscled specimen and don’t feel particularly at ease dragging your new $200 iPhone to the sweaty gym. Or maybe you’re a super serious runner who likes the lightweight portability of a more Nano-sized music player. Or …

Apple iPod nano (2010) Review: Better Than Expected

“There’s no way a 1.5-inch touch-screen is going to work.”

Famous last words.

Apple’s iPod nano has always been in an awkward position as the middle child in the iPod family. It’s never had the capacity, flair or diminutive size of its brethren but the sixth generation nano is something different. Think of it like the …