‘Kick-Ass’ Writer, ‘Watchmen’ Artist to Collaborate

Mark Millar–the comics writer who co-created Kick-Ass and Wanted as comics before they turned into movies, and has lately been working on a cluster of comics at various publishers under the loose umbrella of “Millarworld”–was the central figure of Kapow Comic Con, held this past weekend in London. Millar announced four new comics …

Panel of the Week

Each installment of Panel of the Week I pull some of the best scenes from last week’s comics (released on 10/20) and put them up for all to see and make snarky comments about. Come back tomorrow to see the featured pull list just in time to hit your Local Comic Shop for lunch.

Batman and Robin #15
Frazer Irving has, I think, carved …

Comics on Our Pull List 10/20/10

Here it is, my top five pull list on its new day. I reshuffled some of my posts and now I’m going to bump the pull list to Wednesdays where it might do some more good for those getting ready to pull the trigger on some $2.99 gems. See you at the racks.

Batman and Robin #15
This is the final chapter in the “Batman Must Die” story …

New Comics for 10/20/10

A reminder to all the faithful, to all the penitent: Wednesday is two days away. Prepare yourselves. To that end here is the list of new comics hitting shelves near you. For the sake of readability this list does not contain alternate covers, magazines, toys, statues, posters or other merchandise. Just comics.

(A ♠ marks my

Kick-Ass 2: Matthew Vaughn Talks Sequels

Evil may get a second ass-kicking sooner than we’d hoped.

While chatting with Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn, we learned that the much speculated “on again, off again” sequel plans are almost certainly a go. “We have lots of amazing ideas for a sequel,” Vaughn told us, “but nothing confirmed yet. We don’t have a shoot date or a …

Well Kick My Ass: The 5 Best Moments of Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass pulled in a decent haul at the box office over the weekend, and I saw it for a third time in New York’s Union Square. I think I might have loved it even more the third time around the bend.

That said, the audience seemed to have quite the mixed reaction. I was sitting next to a group that laughed almost in synch with me – …

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