Amazon Releases New Kindles Early

To everyone who’s been waiting patiently for their new Amazon Kindles to arrive, here’s some good news: The company is shipping them out early, it announced today, with Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G orders being filled six …

Amazon’s Kindle Touch: 3G Minus Most of the Internet

Well there went the Kindle Touch 3G’s appeal straight out the window: Amazon now admits that while its upcoming touch-based Kindle will indeed be 3G-enabled, the places it’ll be allowed to visit along the information superhighway are actually not so super.

Where can the Kindle Touch go? Try the Kindle Store, no surprise, and—wait …

Could Amazon’s Kindle Fire Dethrone Apple’s iPad?

Whatever the pundits want to say about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, however much they want to throttle each other for letting slip trite, presumptive clichés like “iPad killer,” they have to admit, Amazon basically painted crosshairs on Cupertino’s back when it unveiled a $200 color Android tablet at today’s press event—a tablet that’ll …

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