Amazon Gets Pissy, Pulls Macmillan Titles

The e-Book pricing wars are upon us.

Having a bit of trouble purchasing a Macmillan published title from Amazon? You’re not the only. Macmillan titles can still be purchased from third party vendors, but you won’t find any shipping from the Amazon warehouse.

According to the NYT, a bitter feud between Amazon and publishers over …

Episode 6: Kindle Video Games, Apple News and Evil Angels

Techland’s Peter Ha digs into what it means that Amazon is adding an apps store for the Kindle, gets psyched up about AMC planning to turn Robert Kirkman’s comic “The Walking Dead” into a TV show, lists the latest Apple tablet rumors and weighs in on whether or not you should see “Legion” this weekend.

All that and more in today’s …

Amazon Launches The Kindle Dev Kit (aka Kindle App Store)

With Apple’s looming Tablet launch next week and its rumored e-book deals, e-book giant Amazon is on full alert. Just yesterday, Amazon announced that it would be restructuring its royalty rates and now the NYT is reporting that Amazon is set to announce a Kindle app store today.

So what does a Kindle app store entail? Well, it …

Amazon Increases Royalty Rates for Kindle

Amazon is stepping up to the Apple plate by announcing that it will introduce a 70% royalty option program to authors and publishers.

Amazon recently announced their Digital Text Program, which it bills as “a fast and easy self-publishing tool that lets you upload and format your books for sale in the Kindle Store.”

Is it a …

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