Cinq Brings an Extra Screen to Laptops for $249

Once you’ve got a dual-monitor setup at your desk, it’s hard to go back to single-screen computing. In other words, using a laptop, with its one measly screen, stinks.

Fortunately, Sideline is on the case with its Cinq companion monitor, a portable secondary screen that clips to any laptop and runs on USB power, using DisplayLink. …

Eight New Tablets and Ultrabooks You Should Know About

Tech companies have been flexing their design muscles at the IFA trade show in Berlin this week, trying to prove that Apple’s not the only one that can make ultra-thin, ultra-light laptops and tablets. Turns out that these PC makers can out-slim the iPad and the MacBook Air after all. They just needed Apple to start the fire. Here’s a …

World’s First No-Glasses 3D Laptop Arrives Next Month

I’m still probing for the point of three-dimensional legerdemain as a grumbler and entertainment snob who’ll skirt the 3D versions of most things (especially movies), but if you’re impressed by what seems increasingly like a fad, you can lay hands and eyeballs on the world’s first no-glasses 3D laptop for just north of $2,000 next …

If Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer, What About Laptops?

Cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic”? Potentially brain-cancer-causing? Comparable to pesticides and the stuff your car spits out? So sayeth the World Health Organization? The reputable science-minded subsidiary of the United Nations?

Bummer. Thank goodness I use ear buds, and don’t talk on the phone much—though when on the go, I …

Dell’s Macbook Air Rival Coming Soon

The Macbook Air rivals are coming.

It started with Samsung’s Series 9, a pair of ultra-thin laptops cased in aircraft-grade materials and running on Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge platform. As you might expect, pricing caused a wince at $1,200 for an 11-inch model and $1,650 for a 13-inch model.

Next up is Dell, which will do its best …

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