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Mobile Computing is Thirty Years Old This Weekend

Sad but true: We have no national holidays in this country that pay tribute to our great technological heritage. But if we did, April 3rd would be a good candidate. On that day in 1981, at a trade show in San Francisco, a startup called Osborne Computer Corporation announced the Osborne 1, the first mass-produced portable computer. That …

CES: How Toshiba’s Glasses-Free 3D Laptop Works

Toshiba’s leading the charge into glasses-free 3D. The company is showcasing both glasses-free 3D TVs and laptops here at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and while true glasses-free 3D TV is still more than a year from hitting the market, the glasses-free 3D laptops will be available later this year.

I’m still not sold …

CES: Samsung ‘Notebook 9’ Series to Challenge MacBook Air

Apple’s most recent line of MacBook Air computers is an impressive competitor in the ultraportable notebook market. While the 11-inch MacBook Air weighs in at just 2.2 pounds, the 13.3-inch version actually strikes me as somewhat more impressive given that its got a nice, big keyboard and the screen resolution is a whopping 1440×900 …

Acer Prepping Keyboardless Dual Touchscreen Laptop?

This may be nothing or it may be the very future of portable computing as we know it! As with all rumors, it’s probably somewhere in between.

Apparently Acer is working on a 15-inch notebook that swaps out the hardware keyboard and trackpad for a second touchscreen. The design appears similar to Toshiba’s

Two Minute Video: Laptop Buying Tips

Whether you’re a soon-to-be college student looking for a new laptop or a grown adult looking to cash in on the bevy of laptop deals that retailers will be offering during the coming weeks, here are some quick and simple tips to keep in mind when shopping for a portable computer.

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