Patents, Anyone? Gadget Makers Continue to Square Off in Court

Whatever your stance on the current state of patent law—it’s essential to protecting intellectual property, it’s detrimental to innovation, or something in between—the fact is that there’s a whole lot of patent-related activity happening in the tech sector right now, much of it to do with mobile devices.

Google’s …

Federal Judge: No Warrant? No Cell Phone Location Data

A Federal court judge has done his part to fend off an Orwellian future, ruling that the government can’t collect citizens’ cell phone location data without a warrant.

The government had ordered Verizon Wireless to hand over 113 days worth of cell site location data for a criminal suspect without probable cause. In its argument, the …

How the European Cookies Are Crumbling (on the Web)

“Cookies,” say the bureaucrats at the European Union. “We hates them.”

And therein lies a problem.

Cookies, you see, are everywhere on the net. And your computer, too. A cookie is a teeny-tiny little text file that gets left on your computer by pretty much every single website you visit.

They’re actually quite useful. Cookies …

Juror Faces Jail for Contacting Defendant via Facebook

A juror who used Facebook to contact the defendant in a drugs case now faces a possible jail term. The story begins last year, when Jamie Sewart was in court to answer drugs charges in the U.K. city of Manchester.

Jury member Joanne Fraill found Sewart on Facebook and started sending her messages, including behind-the-scenes details …

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