Google Brings The Web To TV With Google TV

The Internet is coming to a TV near you.

Google unveiled a new platform today called Google TV at their developer conference in San Francisco that it says “will change the future of television.” Google’s move into the living room should come as no surprise given the amount of time we all spend consuming video through our …

Google To Debut Smart TV Tomorrow?

The LA Times is reporting that Google will unveil their Internet TV tomorrow at the I/O conference in San Francisco. It’s unclear what the service will entail but Sony, Intel and Logitech are expected to join Google on stage to announce Smart TV.

Like any Google product, Smart TV is probably half cooked and Google will release dev …

Logitech N700: It’s A Fan And Boombox For Your Crotch

I might actually buy this thing.

Logitech’s Speaker Lapdesk N700 (USB powered) has a built-in fan to keep your crotch cool (unlike mine at the moment since I’m in the middle seat in coach on a Delta flight) and embedded speakers (two 2-inch speakers) to get your nether regions jumpin’. Oh, and it has a wide padded base!

Get …

Penny Arcade Explains Logitech’s PSPgo Rumor

There’s a rumor going around that Logitech is making a UMD add-on accessory for the PSPGo. It’s a pretty dumb rumor. Rather than circulating rumors, I’ve decided to share Penny Arcade’s latest webcomic with you. It sums up the situation nicely.

I excluded the last panel in the hopes that those of you who don’t read Penny …

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