LulzSec Claims Breach Against Arizona Law Enforcement

Hacker collective LulzSec has just claimed to release “hundreds” of private documents belonging to Arizona law enforcement officials, saying:

“We are releasing hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, training manuals, personal email correspondence, names, phone numbers, addresses and passwords belonging to Arizona law enforcement. …

Trouble in Paradise? LulzSec Outs Two Apparent ‘Snitches’

LulzSec appears to have blown the whistle on two of its own members, as a document uploaded to Pastebin reads, in part:

“Hi FBI & other law enforcement clowns,

LulzSec here with some juicy gossip.

This is [redacted]… He was involved in the hacking of the game ‘Dues Ex’ and was/is involved in countless other cybercrimes.

Also, he …

Sega Hacked, 1.3 Million User Accounts Compromised

Yet another attack against a gaming site has been reported—this time it’s Sega that’s been hit, with the company reporting that the “names, birth dates, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords” of 1.3 million of its users have been compromised, according to Reuters.

The company confirmed that users of the “Sega Pass” network have …

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