Mac OS X

Mac Malware’s Back, Threatens to Bring Friends

Like a horror movie intruder who cuts the phone lines, a new strain of Mac malware can prevent the system from getting help.

Researchers at security firm F-Secure discovered the new Mac trojan, dubbed Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.C. Like most other Mac malware, this variant masquerades as legitimate software–in this case, Adobe …

Happy Birthday OS X!

Hey, OS X! It’s March 24th! Happy birthday! Ten years since your first full release in 2001.

Wait a second, you’re ten now? Ten? But… you’re huge! I can’t believe you’ve grown so much. I remember when you were this high. No wait, this high.

Wow, OS X. You’re growing up so fast.

You were a cute kid. In the early days, when

The Trojans Are Coming… for Apple

In order to lure away wide-eyed PC users, one of Apple’s more popular breadcrumbs has been Mac OS X’s ability to resist pesky malware, or so Justin Long’s boyish gaze would have you believe. But as aluminum-clad unibodies become more common than not, how will Apple respond when the viruses inevitably come?

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Steam for Mac Launches Today

The cake is not a lie! Valve’s popular digital distribution client hits Mac OS X today. As we noted a while back, the debut of Steam for Mac coincides with the launch of Steam Play, the cross-platform support that lets play any purchased game on Windows or Mac machines no matter where you brought it.

Portal will be among the first …