Soar Through Cities With Nokia’s 3D Ovi Maps

Have you seen these new 3D city maps from Nokia’s Ovi Maps service? They’re pretty amazing.

20 global cities have been recreated in astonishing photorealistic 3D. These are not satellite images, nor are they traditional maps. They’re something different.

Nokia didn’t do all the work in-house. They bought the technology from Swedish …

Microsoft Adds Mall Maps to Bing

Microsoft has added a useful feature to its Bing Maps service: mall maps. If you’ve ever been stuck in a mall and tried to find one of those map kiosks but your wife is like, “Don’t wander off, I’ll only be a minute,” and you’re like, “Can I at least go to Starbucks?” and she’s like, “You know you’ll get sidetracked …

Halo: Reach Hits 3 Million in A Month, New Maps On The Way

The last Halo game by Bungie just keep breaking records. First, it generated $200 million in sales in its first day, rivaling the best movie releases of 2010, with 31,000,000 Games have been played during its first full week. And now comes news that the month-old sci-fi first-person shooter’s racked up more 3.3 million in sales since …

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