Online Ad Spending Sets New Record in First Quarter

Cynics who claimed online ads would have no staying power might want to bite their tongues. Why? Turns out, online advertising spending just hit a record high in the first quarter with a total of $7.3 billion spent.

The amount represents a 23% increase from $5.9 billion in the first quarter of last year, the Interactive Advertising …

Bottle Opener Concept Connects to Facebook, Invites People Over

Wouldn’t it be grand if every time you opened a beer, Facebook automatically created an event and invited all your friends over? I know that every time I sit down to enjoy a series of smooth draws from a delicious craft IPA after a long day of work, I’m thinking, “Hey, I wish everyone I knew on Facebook could be here to watch me drink …

Nokia Drops Ovi Brand for Good

Nokia today announced the end of its Ovi mobile services brand, starting today and slowly phasing out over the coming year.

All Ovi‘s products – including maps, email, music, an app store, and more – will continue to operate, but now simply under the Nokia brand name.

In an official announcement, Nokia’s head of marketing Jerri

How to Opt Out of Everything Online

Joel Stein’s cover piece for TIME this week is about online data mining—how marketing companies know so much about you just by simply tracking your web surfing habits. It’s an interesting and/or terrifying read, depending upon your disposition. Whatever the case, there are several quick and easy steps you can take to prevent your …