What Does It Take to Get Kicked out of an Apple Store?

Of all the questions you might conjure for Apple’s coolheaded retail store employees, here’s one you (and they) probably haven’t considered: What does it take to get booted from an Apple Store?

Walking in with a dog? Ordering a pizza and having it delivered to the second floor? Taking your (very tall) wife on a “romantic” date? …

Just How Crazy Is the World’s Steepest Rollercoaster?

Imagine hurtling downward at nerve-fraying speeds while shooting slightly backwards before curving into a perfect vertical drop and out again, sort of like surfing the inside bottom-half of the letter ‘s’.

That’s how the world’s steepest rollercoaster brings it, and if you were silly enough to scarf down a plate of nachos and maybe a …

Final Space Shuttle Launch Threatened by Bad Weather

Could the final launch of a space shuttle be derailed by rain and thunderstorms? It’s looking like it.

We’re heading into the space shuttle program’s final lap, the last NASA-based launch of a shuttle in history via the Kennedy Space Center this Friday, so it’s somehow poetic that the weather—a frequent cause of prior shuttle launch …

Twitter Turns Off Verified Accounts’ Right to DM Privacy?

Ever wanted to tell Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber just how much you love them, but lacked the ability to do so in private? Well, a new move by Twitter that could be described as “almost as head-scratchingly bizarre as sending you emails everytime someone mentions you” will change that – until the celebrities of the world demand it changes …

Can Humans Actually Sense the Earth’s Magnetic Field?

Close your eyes and quietly repeat after me: “Om mani padme hum, om mani padme hum…” Feel anything unusual? You know, like a magnetic chill down your spine?

No? Don’t feel bad. I’m just teasing. That’s actually a popular Tibetan Buddhist mantra. And don’t be silly, you can’t really “feel” the Earth’s magnetic field, though according …

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