Open Mouth, Insert Star: Black Hole Devours Celestial Body

When it comes to interstellar smackdowns, I’d generally say bet on stars. But when it comes to stars versus black holes, you’ll probably want to bet on the infinitely dense singularity from which nothing—not even light—can escape.

Such an event apparently occurred on or around March 28th, when NASA’s Swift satellite captured a …

NASA: Supermassive Black Holes at Heart of Ancient Galaxies

Occasionally supermassive and always super-ominous, light-devouring black holes may be the most spectacular byproduct of our Newtonian universe, and now we know a little more about how long they’ve been out there and what they’re up to, thanks to NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Astronomers pointed Chandra at a strip of sky for over …

Claim: Sunspots to Disappear, Global Cooling May Ensue

You know what they say about a leopard not changing its spots, but when it comes to our sun, change is all but guaranteed. In fact new research suggests the sun may be on the verge of changing its sunspots in a way that could significantly alter weather patterns for the long haul, both on Earth and in space.

Three studies presented by …

Incredible Photo of Space Shuttle Endeavour Docked in Space

It’s one of those shots that makes you go “holy word-I-can’t-say-here”: A space shuttle hanging from the International Space Station like a bird caught midflight, or a high diver reaching around about to leap backwards off a diving board. It’s also the first photograph of a shuttle—the very vehicle that helped assemble the space …

That’s It Folks: Space Shuttle Endeavour Sings Swan Song

Clear eyes, full hearts. It might as well be a NASA catchphrase, as the space shuttle Endeavour touched down at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida this morning, completing its 25th and final mission (dubbed “STS-134”) and heralding the beginning of the end for over three decades of shuttle flight. Space shuttle Atlantis will carry the …

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