Motorola Devour: Baby Droid With MotoBlur on Verizon

Remember when Verizon offered the worst phones imaginable? It wasn’t that long ago, but in the last year or so they really turned things around. It’s doubtful that anyone would argue if I said they had the best overall selection of devices.

Add the Motorola Devour to the ever-growing list of badass devices available on Verizon. …

Android Comes To AT&T

Wow. This just in from CES:

AT&T just announced its very first Android phone, as well as its plan for five new phones, a massive upgrade of its 3G network, and a plan to offer mobile apps to non-smartphone users.

AT&T is the last of the major wireless companies to offer a phone operating with the Android OS. The first will likely …

Motorola DROID review (Verizon Wireless)

By now you’ve seen Verizon’s iDon’t/DROID Does campaign on TV or on the streets. The first commercial can be found here. It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek and Verizon has admitted this, but it does highlight a handful of things that the iPhone clearly cannot do. It should also serve as a clear indication that any rumor of the iPhone …

Verizon Droid: We Have One

I just got back from a little shindig for Verizon’s Moto Droid and now have the device on hand. I’m not sure if you guys are interested, but if you are then drop a comment and I’ll do my best to get it answered. Here’s a quick rundown on specs:

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