‘Expendables’ Piracy Lawsuit Dropped, for Now

The massive file-sharing lawsuit filed against more than 20,000 pirates of last year’s movie The Expendables—one of the biggest copyright lawsuits in history—has been dropped by the plaintiff, following intervention by the judge in the case. But that doesn’t mean that anyone who torrented the movie can sleep easy just yet.

Nu …

Netflix Unveils New Kid-Friendly Features

Clearly, Netflix subscribes to the “Get ‘Em While They’re Young” philosophy of brand loyalty, launching a new area of its website called the “Just For Kids.”

In the past 90 days, a full 50% of the 25 million North American Netflix members have used Watch Instantly to watch “at least” two movies or shows for kids. Now, “Just For Kids” …

Why Won’t Netflix Pair with Facebook in the U.S.?

According to a letter to shareholders released yesterday, Netflix is finally going to launch an app to integrate itself with Facebook…in Latin America and Canada. Why is the U.S. missing out? That would be because of the Video Privacy Protection Act.

The VPPA – passed in 1988, following an alt-weekly’s publishing of Supreme Court …

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