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Net Neutrality Proponents Sued by Net Neutrality Proponents?

The folks who just officiated over net neutrality Internet regulations, the Federal Communications Commission, are being sued by—yep, the folks who fought to make net neutrality happen. Net neutrality’s advocates suing net neutrality’s enforcers?

True story. The FCC just last week rolled out the final version of its network …

FCC Passes Ruling To Protect Net Neutrality

In the first act of US Internet access regulation, the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to pass the first net neutrality laws. The measure will make sure that home internet users will be able to access any legal Web material, with some regulations set in place to protect people browsing the Internet on their mobile phones. The …

Breaking: Verizon and Google To Make Announcement at 1:30PM ET

We’ve just received word from Google PR that Google and Verizon will be holding a joint conference call at 1:30PM ET today. Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg will both be on the call.

Check back around 1:25PM ET as both companies will preview the announcement on their respective public policy blogs. Looks like …

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