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Nintendo Outs ‘Flame Red’ 3DS, Walmart Drops Price Early

If you haven’t snatched up a 3DS yet (if not, we wouldn’t blame you, given the dearth of interesting games) Nintendo’s sweetening its upcoming price drop with a ‘Flame Red’ version. If red’s your thing—as opposed to “Aqua Blue” and “Cosmo Black”—Nintendo says it plans to offer the alternative color from September 9th, shortly after …

Nintendo Disappointed in 3DS Sales Drop-Off

Let’s say you walk into your local video game emporium on the hunt for a Nintendo 3DS. Maybe it’s for your sweetie, your nephew or your own 3D-crazy self. Expecting the worst, you go up to a helpful sales person and hesitantly ask if they have any 3DSes in stock. “Why, yes,” he answers. “What color would you like?”

Huh? Isn’t this …

Nintendo 3DS Soars, Sells 400,000 in First Week

Nintendo’s 3DS portable flew off the shelves in late March, moving just shy of 400,000 units during its first week of U.S. sales, reports Nintendo. Couple with Nintendo’s other handhelds, and the company says it saw its best March ever (that’s “in U.S. history” ever) for portable hardware sales.

Factor in dueling DS games …

Nintendo 3DS Breaks Sales Record, Wii 2 Won’t Do 3D?

You really, really love the Nintendo 3DS, apparently enough to make it Nintendo’s fastest selling handheld ever. Not the fastest selling games console ever, mind you, but still pretty impressive for a company with nearly a dozen mobile gaming flavors on the books since the chubby gray-on-green-screen Game Boy debuted back in …

What’s Next for the Nintendo 3DS?

So you managed to snatch a 3DS, your eyes haven’t exploded, you’re putting it through its paces, and probably realizing, like me, that the launch lineup’s pretty stale. What next?

Hurry up and wait. Nintendo’s smack in the middle of their U.S. 3DS launch, and probably will be for the next few weeks. With nearly two dozen games already …

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