Soar Through Cities With Nokia’s 3D Ovi Maps

Have you seen these new 3D city maps from Nokia’s Ovi Maps service? They’re pretty amazing.

20 global cities have been recreated in astonishing photorealistic 3D. These are not satellite images, nor are they traditional maps. They’re something different.

Nokia didn’t do all the work in-house. They bought the technology from Swedish …

Snake Game Inspires Fan Videos

Back in the good old days, there were no color graphics on cell phones. There were no awesome sound effects or interactive features. There was only Snake.

Nokia first put this as one of the standard games on all their cell phones in 1998, but the original video game has been traced back to 1977. And even though it consisted of a line …

8 Netbooks Worth Buying Right Now

Tablets like Apple’s iPad will soon be all the rage, but netbooks are still holding strong and demand doesn’t appear to have dropped off drastically from last year. So we’ve compiled eight of the best and brightest available today. Each netbook on the list has a screen larger than 1024×600 because anything smaller just wouldn’t …

Red Bull Stratos: Man Will Free Fall From Earth’s Stratosphere

On August 16, 1960, Joe Kittinger fell from 20 miles (102,800 feet) above the Earth’s surface setting the free fall record. In 2010, Felix Baumgartner plans to break Joe’s record by falling back down to Earth from 120,000 (~23 miles) feet high. Think about that for a second, folks.

Man will free fall from Earth’s stratosphere with …

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