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Osama bin Laden’s Sneakernet Email System

Osama bin Laden was a prolific user of email for many years, evading the global intelligence community by using simple, cheap tech: USB sticks.

His system depended on couriers who would use internet cafes, checking in to his anonymized email accounts and copying incoming messages to a simple USB memory stick.

They’d take he stick …

How SEAL Team Six Fed Live Video of the Raid to Obama

One of the most iconic photographs to come out of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout has turned out to be the one portraying President Obama and his national security team as they “receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House,” according to the photo’s caption on Flickr.

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Scammers Jump On bin Laden Bandwagon

Top tip, people: when some dude on the internet says he has pix or video of bin Laden being shot, don’t believe him.

Scammers and spammers have jumped on the news, seeing the perfect opportunity to lure the gullible into a trap. Fake links and pics have started popping up all over the web and on social networks.

A lot of internet …

How Batman Almost Fought Osama bin Laden

Back in 2006, Frank Miller–the cartoonist behind Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, as well as 300 and Sin City–announced that he would be writing and drawing a graphic novel for DC Comics called Holy Terror, in which Batman would take on al-Qaeda and face Osama bin Laden. (“Superman punched out Hitler,” he said at the time. “So did …