Panel of the Week

Panel of the Week

It’s time for another look at some of the best scenes from last week’s comics. This week we’ve got problems with the in laws, the return of Amazonian flight, a tough loss for Man-Thing, a modern Superman, and of course, Clint Barton making a face. It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Hellblazer – City of Demons #2
What’s emerging as my …

Panel of the Week

Each installment of Panel of the Week I pull some of the best scenes from last week’s comics (released on 10/20) and put them up for all to see and make snarky comments about. Come back tomorrow to see the featured pull list just in time to hit your Local Comic Shop for lunch.

Batman and Robin #15
Frazer Irving has, I think, carved …

Panel of the Week 10/19/10

Some of you may have noticed that there was no Panel of the Week last week. I’m going to change things up a bit going forward. I’m going to be posting the POTW on Tuesdays now. This way I can feel a little less guilty about posting potentially spoiler-ish scenes just one day after books are released, especially for those cats overseas …

Panel of the Week 10/6/10

Every week I go to my Local Comic Shop (Midtown 4 Life!) and I buy too many comics. Then I come home and lie to my girlfriend about how much money I spent this week (thanks a lot, hardcover edition of Parker: The Outfit). Finally, I scan a pile of great panels and share them with you. Welcome back to Panel of the Week!


Panel of the Week 9/29/10

And we’re back! Didn’t go anywhere. Just wanted to say it. It’s time for Panel of the Week once again. As I sit here trying to break in my new Rainbow sandals that I didn’t even know came in size ‘effing huge’ to fit my Ronald McDonalds I’m trying pick out those moments in this week’s comics that have got that special something. I don’t …

Panel of the Week 9/22/10

It’s Panel of the Week time. This week we’ve got melting faces, anguished seers, ripped up mutants, speed fighting, and cop brutality. Let’s get started.

Avengers Academy #4
Here it is, the secret origin of Metal. He was a dreaded out surfer bra who was one with the Earth blah, blah, blah. Then one day he fell off his board and his …

Panel of the Week 9/15/10

It’s time, once again, for the greatest scenes from this week’s comics to stand up and be counted. We’ve got some great stuff here, from the absurd to the surreal to the hyper violent. It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Shadowland: Ghost Rider #1
I knew full well that a Ghost Rider book drawn by Clayton Crain was going to be …

Panel of the Week 9/9/10

Every week I scan my pile of new comics for those panels that make you stop and stare. I look for those moments that define characters, that change the rules, and sometimes those that break the rules they really shouldn’t. Here are some of those panels. Here is Panel of the Week.

X-Force – Sex and Violence #3
If you looked at just …

Comics on Our Pull List 9/9/10

When you make your way to your Local Comic Shop this Thursday you should really bring a list. Experts agree that you shouldn’t buy comics when you’re hungry for nostalgic war stories or the exploits of a boozed up astronaut. With that in mind here are some titles to keep an eye on and as always look out for the Comic Book Club and Panel

Panel of the Week 9/1/10

Every week I crawl out from under my long box fort and hoof it over to my local comic shop. Every week I laugh and I cry and I poo-poo the deserving. And every week I grab a stack of panels that I find noteworthy and I make some notes. Welcome to Panel of the Week. Now mostly spoiler free.

Science Dog #1
Technically this issue of …

Panel of the Week 8/25/10

Each week I rush home with my pile of new comics and while they still have that new comic smell (not to be confused with old longbox comic smell) I pour over them and look for the Panel of the Week. This week’s installment features desk chair heroes, the anti Herbie, the Point Break galactic sequel, Metallo lite, and an unlocked Street …

Panel of the Week 8/18/10

Here are some panels from some comics that came out this week. I don’t think any of these panels are scruffy looking at all. Today we’ve got improvised adamantium weapons, thunderous applause, backwards talk, a sailor’s life, and one helluva murder-suicide. It’s that time readers, here is your Panel of the Week!

Marvel Universe vs

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