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Panel of the Week 8/11/10

It’s time to take a look at some of the most noteworthy scenes from yesterday’s comics. It’s time to laugh and cry and be thankful and all that. So let’s sit down in front of our Stuart Smalley mirrors and let’s affirm, y’know? It’s time for gun-hands, Superman Nike endorsements, Iron Persons, Claygirl, and LOST jokes. It’s time for

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Panel of the Week 8/4/10

Welcome back to Panel of the Week where we choose some of the best scenes from this week’s comic books. This week we have monotone vigilantes, an angry Thing, a helicarrier precursor, big pun, and a new twist on ninja demon summoning. Let’s blow your hair back.

Daredevil Black and White
There are two flavors of Daredevil the …

Panel of the Week 7/28/10

Welcome back to Panel of the Week where we take a look at some of the most noteworthy panels from this week’s comics. This week, what is supposed to be a slow week right after comic-con, was packed with great stuff. We have a beautiful butterfly Thing, clown-faced violence (a given), Wolverine has joined the party, a cowboy alien …

Panel of the Week 7/14/10

With each installment of Panel of the Week I try to do the whole wheat and chaff thing. Except with noteworthy scenes from this week’s new comics. You know what I mean. This week we’ve got Kryptonian grief counselors, Domino’s personal rule #34, fresh faces, Beyonce jokes, and a cop who loves his job. Let’s kick the tires.

Superman …

Panel of the Week 7/8/10

We all made it to Thursday this week. Congratulations everyone. Now it’s time for Panel of the Week. This week we’ve got terrifying Irishmen, Sookie’s worst nightmare, pro-level spooning, bat role reversal, and uvula abuse. It’s a full plate. Let’s get started.

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #10
Many a shrinking super hero has been …

Panel of the Week 6/30/10

Welcome back to Panel of the Week. Every week we pull the most noteworthy panels from your favorite comics. This week we have an ode to Queen, some robot cliches, a death scene worthy of Wile E Coyote himself, an Amazon princess looking a damn sight, and even a nod to existentialism in comics. We are of the highest brow, …

Panel of the Week 6/23/10

Every week here at Techland we pull out the best panels from all our favorite comics. This week we have mouse on bear action, Bats gets punked, WWII nostalgia, Logan attempts a figure four, and Killer Croc literally bites the hand(s) that feed him. Here it is, your Panel of the Week!

Secret Warriors #17
There’s not much to say …

Panel of the Week 6/16/10

Welcome back to Panel of the Week, where we pull out some of the most noteworthy scenes from this week’s comic book haul. This week features the murdering of a Russian’s left arm, the passing on of a Super artifact, a holy hero accepting her fate, super hero copyright infringement, and the resurrection of some of the greatest slang since …

Panel of the Week 6/9/10

Welcome back to the Panel of the Week where we grab the best panels from this Wednesday’s haul of new comics. This week we’ve got chubby Logans, sandy men, Murdock filler, bat batons, and the super villains optional motorcycle accessory package. Here we go.

Nemesis #2
The first issue of Nemesis didn’t get a lot of love around these …

Panel of the Week 5/26/10

Welcome back to the Panel of the Week where we pluck out the funniest, most mind bending, best looking panels from every week’s comic haul. This week we visit the future and the past. We violate the geneva conventions with Hawkeye, we holler candy coated battle calls with Thor, and we render the cutest mutant armor you’ve ever seen. So …

Panel of the Week 5/19/10

It’s time for Panel of the Week where we take the most notable scenes from this weeks comic releases and swing the magnifying glass over them. This week Avengers relaunched with volume four which basically means the Marvel U relaunched. Brightest Day continued putting out another book full of disjointed back up tales. The Ultimate …

Panel of the Week 5/12/10

Siege is over and its death toll rings with ‘asplosions of both characters and helicarriers. Cave-bats discovers that no matter what year it is he still has to make the donuts. Emma frost continues her campaign for eating disorders and Bullseye is even crazier than you thought. All this and more in Panel of the Week!

Batman: The …

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