Panel of the Week

Panel of the Week 2/10/10

I’m not mail carrier but even Snowpacolypse won’t stop me from my appointed rounds. I got the boots out and sludged through the NYC streets to get my books. And for all my efforts I was rewarded. This week we got some old school violence, some interstellar genocide and even a new Bat-contraption. Read on to see what action made the Panel

Panel of the Week – 2/3/10

We were treated to some outstanding scenes this week. We had the death of an Avenger. We met a A-List mutant’s illegitimate son. We all got an architecture lesson. We got a reminder that ancient snake-headed evils are not to be screwed with and finally, motorcycle safety is not a laughing matter. Here it is, your

Panel of the Week – 1/27/10

Hoo boy, what a haul this week! I dropped more coin on Wednesday than I have in a long, long time. And for my considerable dollars I got some great shots for Panel of the Week. Kick-Ass finally lived up to his name. Marvel wrapped up the longest labor in history with Cap Reborn. Green Lantern did his best Zool impression. Parasite …

Panel of the Week – 1/20/10

If Ed McGuinness draws it I will buy it. It’s become that simple. Fall of the Hulks takes center stage this week and it’s about time. Rounding out our other panels are vengeful planets, cosmic thugs, life-sized action figures, and ridiculous villains with ridiculous costumes and even stupider names. Here it is, the

Panel of the Week – 1/13/10

It was a low key Wednesday this week, wasn’t it? The big events were taking a break. Not many story arcs were concluding or kicking off. This does not mean we didn’t get some quality panels out of our haul, though. Starting with our favorite Barbarian learning a valuable lesson about leadership and continuing on with our favorite Bat, …

Panel of the Week – 1/6/10

The holidays have passed us by and normal new comic Wednesdays have mercifully returned. Big Marvel events return to center stage and indy gems fly under the radar. So let’s see what kind of action made the cut for the Panel of the Week.

Siege #1
Well, it’s only a four issue series so I guess Marvel can’t waste any time. Norman and …

Panel of the Week 12/9/09

It was a big week for new people appearing as old characters. It’s the new Batgirl, the new Deathlok, and the new/old Captain America. Back again. For the first time. Or something. It was also a big week for series debuts. Issue #1 of God Complex, the much hyped Image title by Powers co-creator Michael Avon Oeming dropped. Also …

Panel of the Week 12/3/09

Well, as I mentioned on Tuesday we didn’t get new comics until Thursday this week. Thursday! The humanity. However we were rewarded with some great scenes this week. From introspective insanity to cranial frappe’s here is Panel of the Week!

Siege: The Cabal
Well, it is finally happening. The wheels are coming off for Norman …

Panel of the Week

There were some big issues in the shops this Wednesday. Actually there were a ton of issues at the shops. The most we’ve picked up in one day in a long time. There’s a lot to cover here but I think we’ve managed to yank out some great moments from some great titles. Here we go, our second installment of Techland’s Panel of the …

Panel of the Week

Every week we’re going to pull out some of our favorite images from the comics we’ve been reading. We’re going to call it Panel of the Week! As you might have read in Lev’s post we love naming things. So let’s get right into it.

Punisher #11

As we saw recently in Dark Reign, Wolverine’s son, Daken, was sent after the Punisher. The …

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