Patent Troll Sues Businesses that Offer Wi-Fi; Individuals Safe for Now

A patent troll who could potentially sue any Wi-Fi user is broadening its attack to include hotels, but is leaving individual users alone for now.

The firm, Chicago-based Innovatio IP Ventures, has already sued department stores, restaurants and coffee shop chains for offering Wi-Fi to their customers. The next wave of lawsuits …

Google Snatches Over 1,000 IBM Patents

Watch out, IBM, it looks like Google’s just snapped up 1,000 patents belonging to you, which almost sounds dramatic, except for the part where IBM let them.

Make that 1,023 patents in all, which Bloomberg reports were acquired from IBM on August 17. The move is thought to be part of Google’s recent strategy to stockpile patents …

Patents, Anyone? Gadget Makers Continue to Square Off in Court

Whatever your stance on the current state of patent law—it’s essential to protecting intellectual property, it’s detrimental to innovation, or something in between—the fact is that there’s a whole lot of patent-related activity happening in the tech sector right now, much of it to do with mobile devices.

Google’s …

Apple’s Audio Interface Patent Still Won’t Help My Running Career

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m taking my iPhone out for a run (which happens four times a year) I’m more inclined to scroll through songs than actually, you know, move my legs. I know playlists are an option, but I’m really more of a “as the mood strikes” kind of guy, which probably explains why I can only listen to …

Microsoft vs Barnes & Noble: Who Really Wins?

Microsoft vs Barnes & Noble: Who Really Wins?

Microsoft didn’t hold back in its opening salvo:

“We have tried for over a year to reach licensing agreements with Barnes & Noble, Foxconn and Inventec. Their refusals to take licenses leave us no choice but to bring legal action to defend our innovations and fulfill our responsibility to

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