Whatever Happened to Kyle Katarn?

Ask anyone to list off the iconic heroes of the Star wars mythos and you’ll hear the expected Han Solos and Luke Skywalkers. Maybe some folks have a special soft spot in their hearts for Lando Calrissian or even Wedge. New-school gamers might hold up Starkiller, the protagonist of The Force Unleashed games, as a worthy addition to the …

Zerg Rush: Win a Copy of Starcraft II

Today marks the end of nearly a decade of waiting, as Blizzard finally releases the long-brewing Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Now, thousands (hell, probably millions) of people have pre-ordered and pre-installed Heaven’s Own RTS already. We know that. But, in case you’re one of the fans who hasn’t…

You can have mine.

That’s …

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