Broken But Beautiful: ‘Brink’ Review

What happens to society when you run out of resources? That’s the question lurking in the background of new post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Brink. On a massive floating city known as the Ark, two extremes of troubling human behavior come to the fore in view of the game’s theme: perpetual conflict. The Security faction wants to lock …

Yes, You’ll Be Able to Play Diablo III This Summer

Khazras and dune threshers and fallen ones, oh my, but you won’t need a pair of ruby slippers or a scruffy black terrier to make action-RPG Diablo III happen this year—it sounds like Blizzard’s planning to unlock its demon-butchering bonanza sometime this summer.

During a recent earnings call, Activision-Blizzard revealed the …

Portal 2 Review: Our First Perfect 10

Easily the most anticipated release this year, Portal 2 follows publisher Valve’s physics-puzzler Portal, the 2007 game that instantly leapt onto Game of the Year lists and into the Best Games Ever pantheon. You played as Chell, a hapless human female made to test a teleportation gun in the Aperture Science research facility, hounded by …

You (Yes, You!) Can Help “Portal 2” Launch Early

Have you seen what Valve’s done with the Steam version of Portal 2? You may have heard something about early downloading for those who pre-ordered this hotly-anticipated sequel over Valve’s Steam network, and how an intricate ARG (alternate reality game) in the run-up to release led players on a merry chase. There was a countdown clock …

Six Stunning New Skyrim Screenshots

Slow day for game news? Skyrim to the rescue! Bethesda just deployed six new screen grabs (hint: they’re pretty grand) from their upcoming roleplaying saga. Why not have a look?

We’ve got the one where you’re stuck in a cave, the one where you’re gawking at cloud-draped mountains, another where you’re two-stepping with knives, and of …

‘Crysis 2’ Review: You’ll Take Manhattan

Crysis 2
Publisher: EA
Developer: Crytek
Systems it’s available on: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
ESRB rating: Mature
System reviewed on: Xbox 360

The original Crysis set an altogether new level of expectation as to how detailed and graphically impressive a video game could look like. “Can it play Crysis?” became shorthand for how robust a …

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