WATCH: How Long It Takes to Boot Windows 8

Since I can’t turn on my laptop with the power of my mind, I guess I’ll have to live with waiting for it to boot up. You know, for eight seconds. It might be seven-and-a-half seconds too long, but since I can’t expect my phone to also cook, wash my clothes and let me travel into the future, I might have to recalibrate my …

PlayStation Motion Controller Move-ing to PCs?

Sony introduced their Move motion controller last year to a fair amount of buzz. While the device arguably had a better launch slate than Kinect, with more than 8 million Kinect sensors sold since its November launch, there’s no question that Microsoft’s revolutionary peripheral trounced the Move at retail. But the device’s chief …

Rise of the Supermen: Initial Review of DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
Systems it’s available on: PC, PS3
ESRB rating: Teen
System reviewed on: PS3

I, probably like most people who identify as nerds, created my own superhero characters when I was growing up. The notebooks with the story outlines for …

Gaming Tip Sheet: “Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood”

We’re going to start taking video games and breaking down those hidden tips, Easter eggs and other random tricks that you didn’t know you wanted to know. This week our featured game is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. We’re assuming that some of you have gone out and bought the game and are utterly addicted to it, so here’s some extra tips …

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